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Title: Labels Required
Author: [info]brittany2922 
Summary: Lois grows tired of waiting for Chloe and Oliver to define their relationship and decides to take mattes into her own hands
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, Lois, Clark, Bart, Victor, and AC
Pairings: Chloe/Oliver, and Lois/Clark
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,159

Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or any of it's characters

Special Thanks to [info]alxnhnt22  for making the georgeous banner for this story.

[info]ihearttvsnark   for pushing me to complete this story no matter how badly I wanted to scrap the whole thing.

[info]serafina19   for suggesting episode 5x01 Definitions for my Chlollie done HIMYM style series.

Sequel to  2 out of 3


Labels Required



One week later…


Oliver downed what was left in his bottle and glanced around the table, “I’m gonna get another… anyone else want one?”

His three friends all raised their hands and he shook his head as he stood from the booth.

“I’ll give you a hand,” Lois said jumping up. She linked her arm through his and tugged him toward the bar. She stayed completely silent until they reached the bar, waved down the bartender, and place their orders.

Oliver leaned one elbow against the bar and smirked at her, “Okay so let me have it.”

“Have what?” Lois asked innocently.

“Lois, you and I both know that you never offer to help carry drinks, so I think it’s safe to say that your sudden urge to play serving wench has less to do with actually helping and more to do with the fact that you still haven’t had a chance to talk to me one on one about the Chloe situation,” He leaned closer, “so what do you say we shove pretenses aside and get down to it.”

She smiled broadly, “well now that you’ve mentioned it, I do have a few things to say to you.”

“Of course you do.”

Lois glared at him for a split second then continued, “I don’t think the two of you realize the consequences that could come from what you‘re doing. Leaving this thing unresolved like you are isn’t a good idea.”

“Why? Give me one good reason why we need to rock the boat.” His eyes drifted toward Chloe and he smiled she threw her head back and laughed at something Clark said.

“Ha… that’s why!”


“That look.” She pointed at Oliver face, “That is not the look of a man who’s interested in a “label and definition free” relationship.”

The bartender finally placed their drinks in front of them. Oliver pulled out his wallet and tossed some cash on the bar, “Look Chloe and I are having fun, and your interfering isn’t going to make us do things you’re way, so can you please just…” Oliver’s voice trailed off when he noticed a dark haired man making his way toward their booth his gaze fixed on Chloe.

Lois stared at him confused by his sudden far off gaze. She turned around and smirked at the scene if front of her, “what’s the matter Ollie?” she turned to look back at him just as he laced the necks of the bottles through his fingers and carried them past her.

She followed closely behind him nearly bumping into his back when he stopped suddenly beside the booth.

“Oh there you guys are,” Chloe smiled up at them, “Lois you remember George don’t you?”

“Right… George,” she grinned at Oliver’s stiff stance, “the childhood pen pal who just recently moved to Metropolis and started attending the police academy.”

“That’s right,” George answered holding out his hand.

Lois ignored him, “Have you met Oliver,” she placed her hand to Oliver’s back and shoved him forward. He stumbled slightly but recovered quickly shooting a glower over his shoulder at Lois who only grinned in return.

Oliver turned back around and gripped George’s still extended hand, “Oliver Queen.”

“Oh hey, I’ve heard a lot about you from Chloe.”

Oliver gave him a short nod and watched George look back down at Chloe, “so are you up for it?” George asked her with a smile.

Chloe glanced quickly at Oliver, “I’m not really sure if…”

“Oh come on Chlo,” he urged with a charming grin. “Please don’t make me go to this thing alone. I’ll be bored out of my mind.”

Oliver tensed as he heard the other man use Chloe’s playful nickname usually reserved for only her nearest and dearest.

“Well…” She glanced back at Oliver again searching for some kind of response to another man asking her out right in front of him, but he didn’t show any. His expression remained completely neutral.

“Come on,” he pushed holding up a set of tickets and smiling, “you wouldn’t want to make one of your oldest friends go to this thing by himself would you?”

“I’m just not…”

A look a realization crossed the dark haired man’s face, “Oh, I’m sorry Chloe, I should have thought to ask… you don’t have a boyfriend do you?”

Chloe looked past him once more and her eyes locked with Oliver’s. A small part of her silently hoping that he would step past the man in front of her. Make it known that she did have a boyfriend… him, but of course he didn’t… he wouldn’t. That wasn’t the kind of relationship they had. It wasn’t what either of the really wanted. She pushed away the sudden ache in her chest and looked back at George, “no… no boyfriend.” She forced a fake smile onto her face.

“Then it’s settled,” he replied, “I’ll pick you up at seven?”

“Yeah… okay.” She relented halfheartedly.


Lois leaned in behind Oliver, “Hey Ollie?” she whispered.

“Yeah?” He answered over his shoulder.

“I just thought of a reason you might wanna rock that boat.”



Chloe took a long swig from her wine glass and cocked her head to the side as she stared blankly at the sculpture in front of her. She glanced out of the corner of her eye at George who stood silently beside her. He shifted nervously from one foot to the other then dropped his hand and grazed his fingertips against hers. Chloe jerked her hand away quickly and felt a sudden wave of guilt as he cleared his throat and quickly shoved his hands into his pans pockets.

“I’m really glad you agreed to join me tonight, Chloe.” He said with a small smile completely shrugging off the awkward moment.

Chloe finally turned to fully look at him and forced a tight smile, “me too.”

“I’m glad… because honestly, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately,” Her eyes grew wide and she opened her mouth to stop him, the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him with her rejection, but he hurried on before she could speak, “I’m sure to you this is coming out of no where but… I really like you Chloe. I have for years actually. I just wish I’d had the courage to do something about it sooner.” He smiled at her his eyes searching hers hopefully.

Chloe looked to the ground and shook her head, “Oh God George… there’s something I should tell you.”

His smile dropped instantly. “Why do I have a feeling I’m about to be very disappointed.”

“I’m really sorry…it’s just,” she sighed heavily there was no reason to hold back at this point, “it’s Oliver.”

A look of realization crossed George’s face and he chuckled lightly, “Oh… Well I guess that explains the vice grip he used on my hand. Why didn’t you just tell me you had a boyfriend…? I feel like an ass pushing you into going out with me especially right in front of him.”

“Oliver’s not… I mean the two of us aren’t… it’s complicated.”

George nodded and raised his glass to his lips, “sounds like you two need to have the talk,” he commented before taking a long gulp.

Chloe groaned and rolled her eyes… not George to.



Oliver glared down at his cell phone for the umpteenth time before slamming the offensive object down on his desk. Chloe had left for her date over two hours ago and he still hadn’t heard from her. He picked up his cell phone again and finally gave in deciding to call her.

It went straight to her voicemail.

This time instead of just slamming his phone down he threw it across the room, smiling with satisfaction as he watched it hit the wall and break into several pieces. Oliver was so focused on his small victory over the tiny object that had been taunting him all night that he didn’t hear the elevator arrive, and he didn’t notice the four men standing in his living room watching their ever stoic leader having what appeared to be a melt down.

AC moved forward to approach him, but Clark’s hand landed on his chest stopping him mid step, “How exactly do you expect her to call if you’ve smashed your phone to bits?” Clark asked.

Oliver looked up and glared at not just Clark but at all of them, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Well we came to see how you’re doing, but I guess there’s no need to ask,” Victor answered glancing at the now broken cell phone.

Oliver rolled his eyes, “well as you can all see I’m not exactly in the mood for company. So if you could all just…” he pointed toward the elevator.

“Can’t do that,” AC told him moving away from the group and sitting in a nearby chair. “Your girlfriends out on a date with another guy… Bro code says we gotta stay until we know you’re okay.”

“Fish stick’s right,” Bart said with a grin, “I know if it was me and I had Licious and then had to watch her go on a date with someone else I’d be close to finding the guy and doing all kinds of bodily harm.”

Oliver sighed and crossed his arms over his chest, “Why does no one understand that Chloe is not my girlfriend?” He asked to no one in particular.

The four other men let out with a mixture of snorts, chuckles, and full on laughter at their leader’s denial, “Yeah, sure,” Clark said with a smirk.

Oliver threw his arms up in the air and let out an exasperated growl, “she’s not!”

“Okay then answer me this,“ Victor moved across the room and sat on the couch, “Since the two of you started this little thing you have going on… this ‘non relationship’ how often does she spend the night with you.”

Oliver shook his head, “that’s only because her apartment is hours away.”

“I didn’t ask why, I asked how often.”

“About three or four times a week I guess, but like I said it wouldn’t make any sense for her to travel all the way back to Smallville only to have to drive back less then two hours later. She’d barely sleep and could end up having an accident… it’s really a safety issue if you think about it.”

“Safety issue? Are you kidding me that’s the excuse you’re going with?” Oliver nodded and Victor rolled his eyes.

“Ooh I got one,” Bart chimed in with a knowing smirk, “when’s the last time you hooked up with anyone that wasn’t Licious?”

Oliver opened his mouth to respond but couldn’t, as soon as he admitted to not wanting anyone else since before this thing with Chloe had started they’d run with it, apparently he didn’t have to answer though because they took his silence as response enough.

“How about this,” Clark asked, “how badly do you wanna run to that art opening on seventh street.” he looked at Oliver pointedly, “at the McArthur Gallery… and break up her date with this guy?”

Oliver’s eyes shot in Clark’s direction and the pair locked eyes. Clark wanted him to go and break up Chloe’s date. That was… unexpected. He did his best to ignore his friends as they continued to ramble on and on about all the ways he was blind to the actual status of his relationship with Chloe. What did they know anyways? Chloe and he had made an agreement when they first started this thing between them. She didn’t want anymore then that… her being out with someone else at that very moment was proof of that.

He couldn’t help but cringe at the thought of her with the man he had met the night before. His hand grazing the small of her back as he wrapped his arm tightly around her waist. Him taking her home at the end of the night, leaning closer to her and kissing her goodnight. Then he saw Chloe telling him that she needed to end whatever was happening between them, that she had an amazing time with George and wanted to try at something real with him. He’d have to watch as she moved on with him, watch them as their relationship progressed, make sure he called whenever he went to see her, just to make sure he wouldn’t run into him and cause all kinds of uncomfortable questions for Chloe… it would be just like her relationship with Jimmy all over again. A relationship riddled with lies and secrets.

He couldn’t let that happen to her… not again… no good friend would. It was his duty as her friend to make sure that nothing happened with this guy.

Oliver jumped up suddenly and all chatter around him stopped. “I gotta go… can you guys lock up when you leave.”

“Sure thing.” Clark called out to him as Oliver climbed onto the elevator and the door closed.

Clark turned to the three other men, “thanks for the backup guys.”

AC waved him off, “don’t worry about it. We really didn’t have a choice.”

Clark looked at his friends confused.

“Well think about it, “ Victor explained, “Lois drives you crazy… you in turn drive us crazy. It was an act of self preservation on our parts.”

Clark just rolled his eyes at them he didn’t care why they’d done it all that mattered was they’d done what Lois had wanted they’d gotten through to Oliver.




Chloe and George moved on to the next sculpture and both studied it silently. After Chloe told him that there was no way she could return his feelings, George seemed to have taken the hint. He was now keeping a comfortable distance from her, but she still felt his eyes on her from time to time and to say it was making her uncomfortable would be an understatement.

As they moved ahead George finally broke the silence, “You know I’ve been thinking.”


“This confusion you’re dealing with over your Oliver situation,” he explained.

“Most people in my life seem to be,” she admitted with a small humorless chuckle. “So why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind.

He turned his body toward her and gently placed his hand on her shoulder turning her to look at him. She watched as he eyed her nervously, “I think you should let me kiss you.” he said softly.


He held up a hand, “hold on, just hear me out… You admit to being confused about your feelings for him right?”

“Yeah but…”

“Well then use me… as like an experiment.”

Chloe shook her head and took a small sip from her glass. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“Think about it… I’m a decent looking guy… at least I like to think so.”

“You are.”

“We have a lot in common.”

She nodded, “We do.”

“And we’ve been friends for years.”

“We have.”

“So if you kiss me, and feel nothing maybe that’ll help you realize what you want.”

“That kinda makes sense I guess, but given what you told me earlier I’d be a fool not to think that this little offer of yours is a little self serving.” Chloe pointed out.

George smiled sheepishly, “Truth?”

“Of course.”

“Maybe a little. I mean I wouldn‘t mind seeing what it‘s like to kiss you… I have thought about it for years,” he admitted with a small smirk, “but that doesn’t make my offer any less valid.”

Chloe’s features softened and she gave him a small smile. The idea that he had spent years wanting a chance with her was beyond flattering. She just didn’t know if letting him kiss her was an act of kindness or cruelty. There could never be anything between them, she knew that. He didn’t give her that feeling. The feeling that Oli… No she wouldn’t think of him. He’d stood aside and watched another man ask her out and was completely indifferent. What they had was purely sex… nothing more. She needed to give up her stupid hopes that she and… Oliver could ever have something more that what they did now.

Chloe shrugged, what was the worst that could happen with one kiss, “okay.”

He took a step toward her and placed one hand to her hip while moving the other hand to her right cheek. It felt wrong already, his hands were just… wrong. They were too small. Oliver’s hands were so large that when he cupped her cheek three of his fingers would graze against her neck, this shouldn‘t be happening. George pulled her body against his and her pulse quickened, not from anticipation or desire, but from panic. He leaned forward his lips now just a whisper away from hers. She couldn’t do it she knew that now, no matter what the state of her relationship was with Oliver… even if he didn’t feel the exact way she did. It didn’t matter. Chloe never got the chance to pull away though. Just as she was about to hurt one of her closet friends with her second rejection of him on one night he suddenly fell back. Before Chloe could even figure out what had happened she saw Oliver’s broad frame between her and George and Oliver’s fist make contact with George’s face.

George fell to the ground his hand covering the spot where Oliver had hit him, “Oh My God, George.” She brushed past Oliver and reached down offering her friend her hand. “Are you okay?” She asked once he was back on his feet but she didn’t wait for his response before turning and glaring at Oliver, “What the hell, Ollie?”

“Chloe its fine,” George assured her, “I kinda had it coming… I did try and make a move on his girlfriend.”

Chloe tensed the last thing she wanted was for Oliver to get freaked out over yet another person using the girlfriend title, “I already told you George, I’m not his…”

“She’s not my…”

“Right, I forgot you two aren’t together… what with all the complications,” He shifted awkwardly then looked down at Chloe with a sad smile, “I’m gonna head out Chloe… I’ll call you.”

Chloe nodded, “Okay.”

As soon as George was out of sight Chloe’s gaze hardened and she looked to Oliver, “you wanna tell me what that was all about?” He tried to respond but she held up her hand to silence him, “You know what I don’t wanna know. Can you at least give me a lift home since you managed to scare mine away?”

“Sure,” he mumbled.

“Great,” she ground out stepping around him, storming forward and then out the door of the small gallery.




Lois stormed into the small diner. The three newspapers tucked firmly under her arm. She’d had enough. Whatever reasons her gun shy cousin, and Oliver had for not addressing the change they had made in their relationship had to be squashed. This entire thing they were doing was not only ridiculous but flat out dangerous. Dangerous to their friendship, their work relationship, and even any possible romantic future they could have. The events of the night before were evidence enough of that.

When she’d first seen the headlines she’d literally done a double take. After being yelled at by the street vendor for using his news stand for a library she’d quickly tossed the money for them on the counter and rushed to the Daily Planet to find out from Clark exactly what he meant the night before when he’d crawled into bed beside her and promised he’d taken care of the Chloe/Oliver situation.

As soon as he’d told her that he and the guys had all gone over to Oliver’s and what they’d said Lois had forgotten who she was dealing with and given him a Gibbs style slap upside the back of his head. Her hand was still killing her from that genius move.

This thing had to end… immediately, and if Chloe and Oliver wouldn’t listen to reason she’d do whatever necessary to make them both see the light.

The tiny diner was unusually empty, a little detail that she was very grateful for today. The owner was less likely to kick her out for the verbal smack down she was about to deliver if there weren’t many patrons for her to disturb.

Lois scanned over the vacant tables until her eyes landed on the pair of blondes sitting at a corner table. Oliver was leaning toward Chloe and whispering in her ear, and she was smiling that Chloe Sullivan mega watt grin. They looked as if nothing had happened, as if the events of the night before were just some fabricated tabloid story, and if not for the pictures printed along with them she might have actually believed that.

She narrowed her eyes at them and stalked across the restaurant. When she reached them they both looked up at her smiling… until they saw her face. Not giving that a chance to ask why she was so upset she pulled the papers from under her arm and slammed them down on the table.

Chloe opened and closed her mouth several times in an attempt to find the words to explain away what had happened.

Lois didn’t give her a chance to, she picked up the top paper, The Metropolis Star. “Local Girl Lands Legendary Lothario,” she read aloud. Oliver noticeably flinched at the definition of him. Lois dropped the paper in his lap and moved onto the second, The Daily Tattler. “Billionaire Brawls over Beguiling Blonde.” That one was tossed at Chloe, before Lois moved onto the final one, The Star City Post. “Is Star City’s most eligible bachelor off the market?” Lois tossed it on the table and slammed her hand down on top of it. “Well?!”

“What?” Chloe asked innocently.

“What?! The two of you are plastered all over the tabloids. Don’t you have anything to say about that?!”

Chloe glanced at the three headlines, “well my first response would be that these two,” she pointed between the ones that Lois had tossed in her and Oliver’s laps, “really didn’t need to use that many alliterations, seems like overkill to me. Although I don’t think anyone has ever referred to me as beguiling before… I kinda like it.”

Oliver snorted, “why exactly did you get dubbed the ‘Beguiling Blonde’ and I got stuck with the title of ’Legendary Lothario’?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?” Chloe teased biting down on her lower lip.

Oliver gave her a small smirk, “I really don’t think I do.”

“Are you sure, because I’ve got a few hours to kill. I’m sure I could squeeze all the reasons you’ve earned the name into that time,” Chloe placed a finger to her chin as if pondering, “now do you want me to list those reasons chronologically, alphabetically, or in order of the size of the scandal they caused?”

Oliver cocked his head to the side, “Chloe…” the warning in his tone was obvious but didn’t seem to deter the tiny blonde.

“Alphabetically it is… hmm. Annabelle and Annette Abernathy. Wait that would probably cover most scandalous too. From what I read in the papers you had them yanking each others hair out right in the middle of their twenty first birthday party.”

Lois watched the exchange between them her eyes wide. How could they carry on like this? Their pictures had been splashed all over the tabloids and if Chloe’s face in those pictures were any indication she had been less then pleased with Oliver sudden show of jealousy.

Lois narrowed her eyes at them as Oliver gently covered Chloe’s mouth with his hand and told her that if she didn’t behave she’d have to be punished.

They were unbelievable, and also in a deeper case of denial then she had realized. They were actually pretending the night before hadn‘t happened.

That was it, she was finished watching this farce go on, it was time to take action, and when she did they’d have no choice but to talk everything out, she’d make sure of that… the Lois Lane way.



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Your mood deffinitely should not say annoyed-perhaps more along the lines of I can make a chapter totally serious and then still make my readers smile so I must be a bad-ass, but not annoyed. Hmm we'll have to work on that.

Anyways...I love this! I had read 2 out of 3 back when you first posted it and fell in love with it and saved it onto my nook, which was all kinds of awkward when somebody only catches the words "You Naked Manned me"and then wants an explanation...Ahem-so when you posted the first chapter I read it and giggled and ran off before realizing that I had completely forgotten to review, which was absolutely amazing. So I came to review the first chapter and there's already a second chapter, holy chiz that made my day!

So all of your stories are amazing and this one is no exception. I love that Clark's interference only ticked Lois off to the point of "Gibbs slapping" him (Yay! for NCIS references) and then realizing that she's going to need to intervene into our favorite blonde non-couples lives.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :D

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LOL thanks! I was just really frusterated because it took me like half a dozen tries to post this chapter. *kicks LJ*

I'm so glad you're liking this one so far, and 2 out of 3, I gotta say that one is probably my favorite thing I've written, so I'm really glad so many people enjoyed it!

The final chapter is complete and should be up later today, hope you like the way it ends! =)

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love it looking forward to the next x

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Thanks! More soon!

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Gotta love a jealous Ollie. As much as Lois wants them to pull their heads out of the sand, the clueless blonde couple are fun to read about with you writing them. That last scene was hilarious, Lois's frustration was tangible, lol. And, let me just say, I love you for the Gibbs headslap reference :) and, yay for two chapters in one day!

Date: 2011-04-12 07:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Yeah Lois is about to do something very extreme to get our favorite blondes to wake up (if you've seen the HIMYM episode I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!

LOL I love Gibbs, and I was in the middle of a NCIS marathon when I wrote the first two chapters of this story so it just kinda came out! =)

Final chapter should be posted very soon!

Thanks for taking the time to read and review!

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From: [identity profile] slytherinpunk.livejournal.com
I have to say you introduced George quite nicely. You gave him and Chloe a small background, which was just enough of a threat to Oliver.

And I loved the guys rolling in and defending the bro-code to get Oliver back on his feet and after Chloe! I really, really love how supportive Clark is in this. You get like forty-bonus points for that! ;)

I felt George had the punch from Oliver coming, but I was so sad for Ollie, and so frustrated at Chloe for not at least reading into why Oliver had tracked them down and hit George in the first place. That should have clued her in, and she should have been a little more relieved. For Ollie's sake, I hope she makes it up to him when she catches on ;)

After Lois locks them up of course! Can't wait for more =)

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From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Honestly I was a little nervous about the George thing, but I'm glad it seemed to go over pretty well.

Haha I love the JL boys.

Yeah the Clark thing... I have a lot of issues with the character when it comes to the show now so I always try my best to write him like he used to be.

Well Chloe may disappoint you a bit only because she's still gonna be a little slow on the uptake.

Hope you'll like the final chapter, it'll be up soon!

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Hey girl!

This was another awesome chapter! I completely loved Lois going with Oliver to get the drinks and then her being all up in there business haha and Oliver totally being like...cut the BS if you're helping you obviously have something to say about me and Chloe spill...

Nice touch with throwing George in! Haha I love that Oliver was all stoic like WTF I want to hit you but I can't because Chloe and I aren't like "that" LOL I loved that Chloe kept looking to Oliver to interrupt and i LOVED that she wanted him to but was also thinking well we're not like "that"

The George and Chloe interaction was funny and let me tell you hilarious about his reasoning for her to kiss him LMAO...He's too much!

I loved the guys making an appearance and getting on Oliver's case and Clark not so subtly throwing the address out there haha breaking up the date FTW! :)

And last but definitely not least the headline were hilarious! I loved this part of the story! Can't wait for more :)

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Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're enjoying this story so far!

Yeah Lois is always a lot of fun to write, but even more so in this story and especially in the next part.

LOL the headlines were fun, as soon as I started planning this out I knew that if I did it like in the show there had to be some kind of media fallout from Ollie's slip up.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, the final chapter should be up later today! =)

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From: [identity profile] winchestersrock.livejournal.com
I loved the tension at the beginning with Ollie all jealous, his reaction there was priceless, but at the same time I felt so bad for him.

The addition of the JL was awesome! Them coming to help Ollie out was really sweet.

Awwwww Clark is such an adorable Chlollier LOL. Yay for him giving Oliver the address......only later to be "Gibbs slapped" for his efforts, poor guy.

I can't wait to see what Lois is up to. Loved this chapter so much, looking forward to the next update :D

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From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm really glad you're liking this story so far!

Don't feel to bad for Ollie theres only one chapter left so all will be resolved very soon.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and review I appericate it.

Final Chapter very soon! =)

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The Lois Lane way, hahah, I'm already afraid. LOL
I love it! I can't wait for the last part. :D
And nice touch with George, I love that you even gave him and Chloe some background.

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From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
LOL Yeah Lois is about to cause a whole lot of trouble.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, the final part should be up soon!

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Aww... poor George... just trying to help and he get punched in the face.

However, I did enjoy the guys' involvement and their not-so-subtle hints.

So you're still having Lois lock them in a room together, right? Eh... I don't even care anymore, I'm enjoying this way too much.

Date: 2011-04-12 07:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
"So you're still having Lois lock them in a room together, right?"

Of course I am, but I'm glad you'll like it either way!

Thanks for reading and reviewing hun!

Final chapter up VERY soon!

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From: [identity profile] sweet-jesus1.livejournal.com
Lois helping Ollie with the drinks under false pretenses just to get the one-on-one on their relationship but Ollie was having none of it. Just the fact that Lois can see it in Ollie's eye, I can't help but feel bad for him.

George's introduction, the awkwardness all that whole situation. Ollie has more self control than anybody because deep down he wanted thethrottle the guy.

The guys coming to knock some sense into Ollie was so much fun to read. Make him see the denial in their non relationship. Clark is all for Oliver being her bf - that's a nice surprise to see him in the pro column and he wants him to ruin her date <3

Hell yeah Ollie punched George ftw but it's such a let down that she doesn't seem to realise yet why he did it. Can she not see it!

I am seeing this through Lois's eyes. Why the hell are they acting like nothing happened. LOL loved the newspaper headlines! Can't wait for the Lois Lane way ;-) another excellent chapter girlie ♥

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Thanks so much Hun! I'm so glad you're liking this story! =)

The final part should be up VERY soon!

Date: 2011-04-02 07:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sjww.livejournal.com
Yay Brittany - I wake up and chapter 2 is sitting there waiting :) Great Start to the weekend

Lois is definitely on the rampage...loved her chat with Ollie at the bar..and Ollie's reaction to George turning up..these two are always about lack of communication..Chloe wanting Ollie to say she is his girlfriend so she doesnt go out with george and him not saying it because he thinks she doesnt want anything more than FWB and is scared she will back off - honestly sometimes you just want to knock their heads together :-)

Loved the boys intervention..that mmc specially the self preservation comment at the end re Clark and Lois..

and Lois's reaction to finding out about the boys visit and the newspapers was totally on the nail and really loved it. I have a suspicion that Ollie and Chloe may have already had "the talk" for them to be so at ease the next morning in the Diner...cant wait to see if that is the case and what Lois's next move is going to be

great update !

Date: 2011-04-12 08:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Thanks! I'm really glad you're liking the story so far!

No Chloe and Oliver have not had the talk yet but there's only one chapter left so you know it has to come soon right? =)

Thanks for reading and the awesome feedback, more soon! =)

Date: 2011-04-02 02:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ihearttvsnark.livejournal.com
I saw that you posted this yesterday, but I was exhausted last night. I didn't want you to think I forgot about you though.

You know I love this. Lois is perfect with her less than subtle manipulations and of course George just provided the perfect example of what she was warning Ollie about.

I love the guys coming over to hang out with him and give him another slight push. (Go Clark! How often do I get to say that? Haha). I'm really glad Chloe realized she only wanted Ollie and I loved that he showed up just in time to punch George - which yeah - he deserved.

LMAO at them being all nonchalant in the diner despite the fact that they were front page news. Poor Lois. Her head is going to explode soon.

Can't wait to read the final part. Excellent job with this, Brittany. It's so much fun. ♥

Date: 2011-04-12 08:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Thanks so much Hun! I really appreciate all the help you've given me with this story!

Date: 2011-04-02 04:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] poetgirl925.livejournal.com
Ok, this story is just all kinds of great - they are completely in denial and Lois' frustration is palpable - the image of her hurting her hand b/c she smacked Clark on the head made me laugh! And Oliver's show of jealousy was also very interesting - as is the fact that they seem to have just brushed it all under the rug in the interest of maintaining the status quo. And last but not least - your tabloid headlines made me laugh out loud again - "Beguiling Blonde" and "Legendary Lothario" - LMAO. I could totally see Oliver getting slightly offended, and then this:

“Are you sure, because I’ve got a few hours to kill. I’m sure I could squeeze all the reasons you’ve earned the name into that time,” Chloe placed a finger to her chin as if pondering, “now do you want me to list those reasons chronologically, alphabetically, or in order of the size of the scandal they caused?”

Oliver cocked his head to the side, “Chloe…” the warning in his tone was obvious but didn’t seem to deter the tiny blonde.

“Alphabetically it is… hmm. Annabelle and Annette Abernathy. Wait that would probably cover most scandalous too. From what I read in the papers you had them yanking each others hair out right in the middle of their twenty first birthday party.”

That was just excellent and something I could totally see Chloe teasing him with. Poor Oliver lol. Can't wait for the final part of this little series :D

Date: 2011-04-12 08:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
LOL Yeah I had a lot of fun coming up with those and writing Chloe and Oliver’s reaction to them.

Glad you liked Chloe teasing Oliver, I had a lot of fun writing that!

Final part will be posted soon! =)

Date: 2011-04-02 06:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] greenteam4ever.livejournal.com
Lois leaned in behind Oliver, “Hey Ollie?” she whispered.

“Yeah?” He answered over his shoulder.

“I just thought of a reason you might wanna rock that boat.”

Your Lois is gorgeous!
And Bro Code.YAY!love it!
This story is just as amazing as its prequel.Looking forward to the final chapter!

Date: 2011-04-12 08:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Thanks! I love writing Lois!

Thank You for reading and reviewing, final chapter will be up very soon! =)

Date: 2011-04-02 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] triskel-08.livejournal.com
I lose my words!!! This chapter is just excellent, brilliant, grand, a fireworks, an explosion in the reading!!

Lois rest herself and I have to say that I love her so breakable and firm. The chlollie relation is very well led, the feelings are there but the words are missing so that they accept that they are in a relation.
Oliver's jealousy is pure one delight with the lads of the team who add it by obligation of autoconservation!
And george the poor man he should not have touched Chloé, she is except limit oliver did well it to him to understand!
Chloé is just brilliant!!!
“Are you sure, because I’ve got a few hours to kill. I’m sure I could squeeze all the reasons you’ve earned the name into that time,” Chloe placed a finger to her chin as if pondering, “now do you want me to list those reasons chronologically, alphabetically, or in order of the size of the scandal they caused?”

Oliver cocked his head to the side, “Chloe…” the warning in his tone was obvious but didn’t seem to deter the tiny blonde.

“Alphabetically it is… hmm. Annabelle and Annette Abernathy. Wait that would probably cover most scandalous too. From what I read in the papers you had them yanking each others hair out right in the middle of their twenty first birthday party.”
it's my favorite extract!!!

It's a delight!! the next chapter!! Good job!!

Date: 2011-04-12 08:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Wow! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re liking this story so far!

Thanks for reading and reviewing… and for all your kind words I really appericate them! =)

Final chapter will be up very soon!

Date: 2011-04-03 12:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kiradamour.livejournal.com
Great Story! Looking forward for more ;)

Date: 2011-04-12 08:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Thanks so much! More soon! =)

Date: 2011-04-03 03:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] renka23.livejournal.com
Great chapter! :)

Nice timing, Ollie. :)) Can't wait for 'the Lois Lane way.' :>

Date: 2011-04-12 08:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
LOL Glad you liked it!

Next chapter should be up very soon!

Date: 2011-04-03 08:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madlenita.livejournal.com
Well, so now will be locked door? I guess instead of food Lois can use lack of internet for Chloe-to force her to "definite"...

Date: 2011-04-12 08:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
LOL, yes there will be a locked door involved, not the internet though, but one of Chloe's other vices will come into play I promise!

More soon! Thanks for reading and reviewing! =)

Date: 2011-04-03 05:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] all4chlollie.livejournal.com
This is a great fic Brittany. I hadn't seen anything from you in a while and was wondering what was going on.

I love the JL/Ollie intervention. “Can’t do that,” AC told him moving away from the group and sitting in a nearby chair. “Your girlfriends out on a date with another guy… Bro code says we gotta stay until we know you’re okay.” I can hear AC saying this. Great characterization.

Loved that NCIS mention (Gibbs headslap)!! That had perfect comical timing.

Looking forward to the last chapter.

Date: 2011-04-12 08:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brittany2922.livejournal.com
Thank You, yeah I haven't been writing as much lately. RL and my latest fanfic obsession have slowed me down a bit! =) I will keep writing though I promise!

Thanks so much, I always worry about keeping everyone in Character and since AC is who I write the least I was a little nervous about the way he came out.

Haha I love Gibbs and was in the middle of an NCIS marathon when I wrote that!

Last chapter will be up VERY SOON!



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