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Title: The Announcement
Author: brittany2922
Summary: One year ago Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan's romance ended, but when Oliver finds out that Chloe is about to marry someone else he realizes that he has to find a way to win her back before she ends up married to the wrong man
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Oliver Queen, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and several original characters
Pairings: Chloe/Oliver, Chloe/Jake, Lois/Clark
Rating: this chapter NC-17
Genre: Angst/Romance
Words: 3,295
Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Sorry for the delay on this one. I just really wanted to get it right, honestly I'm still not thrilled with the way it turned out, but hopefully y'all will like it anyway.

Also remember when I first started posting this story and I said it would be NC-17 eventually… this chapter is why! Enjoy!

Chapter 14

Oliver fell down to his couch still dressed in full Arrow garb. After his encounter with Chloe earlier that day he had returned home and immediately suited up to go on patrol. He'd needed to get out there and find something else to focus on, anything to give Chloe the time she seemed to need, and it had worked… for awhile.

But now that he was back in his apartment without any outside distractions everything that had happened with Chloe was flashing through his mind, and not just the things that happened since his return from Star City, but all the time before that.

The way things had happened between them was wrong, and now he was starting to worry that no matter what he did that he might never get the chance to make it up to her.

The sound on the elevator door opening pulled him from his thoughts, and when he looked up he found Chloe standing in front of him.

He kept his eyes locked on her steady and unwavering. Something was off that much was obvious. Her eyes were at half mass, and her cheeks had a tale tell flush to them.

She was drunk, or at least well on her way to being so.

"Chloe, what are you…"

She held up her finger to silence him then crossed the room and grabbed two crystal tumblers and a bottle of scotch from the bar. She walked back over to him and placed both glasses on the coffee table and poured two fingers of the amber liquid in each.

"I think we should talk."

"Okay, but do you really need alcohol just to have a conversation with me?" he asked trying to keep the edge from his voice.

"When I have these kinds of conversations I like to be on the same mental level as the other person, and since I've already had quite a bit to drink tonight, I think you need to catch up." She lifted the glasses and handed him one before sliding down beside him on the couch.

"Chloe, I don't think any amount of alcohol could affect that super sized brain of yours," he said with a small smile.

She smiled sadly back at him and let out a small bitter chuckle, "given recent revelations, it seems I don't even need to be inebriated to be a complete idiot."

His smile dropped at her words, "What revelations?"

She looked at him knowingly, "I think you already know what I'm talking about." she said softly, "I'm sorry I wouldn't listen to you Ollie."

"Chloe, you don't need to say that."

"Yes, I do. You tried to warm me… so did Lois and even Clark too… but would I listen… of course not."

Oliver reached out and placed his hand on her knee, "Chloe, after everything I'm the last person you should ever feel the need to apologize to."

She didn't respond just lifted her glass to her lips and took a long generous gulp.

"What happened tonight?" He asked finally.

"Lois told me everything."

"She did?" he looked down at his glass and avoided her gaze.

"Yeah well once I told her I was calling off the wedding I don't think she saw the point in letting me beat myself up over it, especially given everything she knew."

His eyes shot up and locked with hers, "The wedding is off?"

"Well I haven't told Jake yet… but yeah."

"Why haven't you told him?"

He noticed the flush on her cheeks grow slightly darker and travel around to the tops of her ears. "I was going to," she admitted softly, "but as soon as I got in the cab I found myself asking the driver to bring me here instead."


She lifted the glass to her lips, downed the remainder and coughed lightly, "I needed to see you." Her voice was even lower now so low in fact that if he hadn't been sitting so close he never would have heard it.

He wanted to ask for more, wanted to hear the words he knew she was still holding back, and he was certain that if he pushed her, she would say them. But he wouldn't do that to her, he couldn't. Oliver knew even coming here was a huge step for her, so he held back the question, closed his eyes, and silently prayed that his next words wouldn't send her running out his door.

"I'm sorry too."

"What?" she asked her face clearly confused, "why do you think you have to apologize? You weren't the one who acted like a colossal fool."

"No not this time… that much is true I guess," He took several deep breaths hoping his heart would stop beating so fast, "I'm talking about Star City. How everything happened when you moved there with me. What happened after you left, and more then anything for what you saw the night you tried to come back to me."

His hand was still resting on her knee and when Oliver saw all the color leave her cheeks and the familiar time to flee look in her eyes he tightened his grip, "It was a mistake… all of it. I was stupid and selfish and I treated the only person beside my parent who has loved me for who I really am terribly, and honestly I have no idea why. But whatever the reason was it wasn't good enough, nothing excuses blowing apart the best thing that ever happened to me." He closed his eyes tightly waiting for her certain flight from not just his apartment but from his life as well. She lifted his hand from her leg and he felt her lift herself from the couch as his fears were confirmed.

Oliver waited expecting to hear the sound of the gate on the elevator rattling, but his fears were quickly forced away when he felt her warm hand touch his cheek and the pad of her thumb begin to gently stroke just beneath his cheekbone. He didn't open his eyes just savored the feel of her touching him… not because he initiated it but because she clearly wanted to. His eyes shot open a second later when he felt her soft lips brush against his.

Chloe stood back up to her full height and stood in front of him, her lower lip pulled tightly between her teeth as she nervously waited for his reaction.

"Chloe you don't have to do this we can just take some time and figure everything…" He stopped mid sentence when she placed her finger to his lips. She then removed her finger and slid her tiny hand to the side of his face to cup his cheek once more, and then suddenly her lips were pressed against his. It was not soft and sweet like the previous kiss, it was hard and bruising.

Everything in him was screaming that this was wrong, she had been drinking, he had no idea how much but the last thing he wanted was for her to regret being with him come morning. Plus there were still things they would need to work out, could they be really be together again, or was this simply solace. He had no idea, which is why they couldn't do this, not until both their heads were clear.

That was easier said then done though, especially with her standing in front of him, her lips moving against his. He couldn't seem to find the strength to push her away and when he felt her teeth nip lightly at his bottom lip before sucking it in between hers his last bit of restraint slipped away.

Oliver lifted his hands, placed them on her hips then pulled her toward him until she was positioned on his lap a leg on either side of him. Not once did her lips stop touching him. His lips, jaw line, and neck were on fire from the intensity of her touching him again.

This time she had come to him not to yell or tell him to leave her alone, but because she wanted him wanted to work thing out… or at least he hoped she did.

Oliver wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body as close to his as possible. He ran his lips down her neck and she leaned back. His hands were firmly planted against her back, holding onto her making sure she didn't fall from her position on his lap. He moved his lips back up to her lips and dove in taking in as much of her as he could.

Chloe tasted like a mixture of tequila and scotch, something he definitely wasn't used to. Whenever he'd been with Chloe his senses would become overrun by a perfect mix of vanilla and coffee, but this was different and the new taste reminded him that Chloe might not be in the perfect frame of mind to be doing this with him.

Oliver pulled his mouth from hers but still kept his hands firmly on her back. He stared into her eyes and saw how much darker they had become, with a small smile he rested his forehead against hers rubbing one hand up and down the length of her back, while the other tangled in her golden locks gently pulling her head back so he could look into her eyes, "Chloe, I think maybe we should…"

She pulled Oliver back to her and started kissing him again. Chloe's lips traveled along his jaw line and all across the side of his neck until she reached his ear, "shhh. Don't say anything. I know what you're thinking, but you're not taking advantage of me." He felt her labored breath against his ear and neck and it sent another sudden wave of desire through his body, "every night since you've been back I've had to fight the urge to come to you… to be with you." She whispered before gently nipping his earlobe then sucking it into her mouth.

He groaned loudly as he felt himself grow impossibly hard beneath her. His leathers had never felt so constricting. He moved his hands to her hips and pulled her down hard against him so she could feel the affect being this close to her was having on him.

"Wow have you missed me Ollie?" she asked in a low seductive voice.

"God you have no idea." he ground out through clenched teeth.

She pulled back and smiled at him, then lowered her gaze to his chest, "I'm pretty sure I know better then you realize, I've missed you too," she admitted quietly. He watched as she shook her head then crushed her lips against his and grinded her hips against him. Oliver let out a low guttural moan which only seemed to urge her on and made her do it again, this time harder and more insistent.

That was all he could take he kept his hands firmly on her hips and stood from the couch. The moment Oliver was standing at full height Chloe wrapped her legs tightly around him and locked her ankles together.

He managed, rather clumsily to carry her toward and then up the spiral staircase. She was still kissing him, her lips caressing any part of him that they could reach. They were on his ears, his neck, and pressed against his.

When they reached his bedroom he lowered her to the ground gently, and he watched as she stepped back, slipped her heals from her feel, and then moved back toward him.

Chloe stared at him taking in the look of him in his leather, "I've always loved the way you look in this," she said shakily as she ran a single finger down his chest and up again until she reached the zipper of his green leather vest. She pulled it down excruciatingly slow, grazing her knuckle along his chest as she did.

When it was finally fully open she placed her hands on his stomach and ran them up his torso until she reached his shoulders then pushed it from his body.

It felt like it always had between them playful yet somehow passionate at the same time, "I remember." Her tiny hand reached to undo his cod piece and he felt a sudden reminder of her current situation scratch against his stomach.

He looked down and noticed the diamond on her ring catch the light from the lamp on beside his bedside table. Without thinking he stilled her hands and lowered them to her sides. Chloe looked at him questioningly, her eyes wide and confused with just a small amount of hurt. It only took him a second to realize that she thought he'd changed his mind and was turning her away.

As if he ever could.

He quickly worked at chasing those fears away turning her body until her back was pressed flush against his chest. Oliver ran his hands over her shoulders and halfway down her arms then moved them around the front of her body gently grazing her breasts and smiling at her hardened peaks, an obvious sign of her arousal.

Oliver slowly began to loosen the small tie that held together her shirt lightly grazing the bottom of her left breast as he did. He smiled in satisfaction as her head fell back and a small gasp escaped her lips.

When the shirt hung freely he moved his hands back to her shoulders and pulled it from her body as he slid the thin material down her arms he made certain to let his fingertips graze her skin the entire way down.

The shirt fell to the ground between their feet and Oliver moved his hand to her back and quickly unclasped her bra. He pulled it from her body and tossed it to the side. He then lifted his hands to her shoulders and started to run the palms of his hands down them once more, loving the way her body shivered under his touch. When he reached her hands he made sure two fingers were in either side of her ring finger, and then slowly slipped the large ring that another man had placed there off. Chloe seemed to sigh in relief at how much lighter her hand had suddenly become and when he heard the bulky ring thud against the floor he turned her back around to him.

Her lips were on his instantly. Hungrily, passionately, and completely Chloe. This was who she was… not the unsure woman she'd seemed to become since they'd ended their relationship.

It was like the woman that had inhabited his Chloe's body since he returned to Metropolis melted away leaving behind the real Chloe.

She was pure fire. Everything about her was warmth and passion, and now she was back.

He couldn't wait any longer he quickly worked the button and zipper on her pants as she made swift work of releasing him from the remainder of his uniform.

Moments later they were both bare, and he stood in front of her drinking in the sight he thought he would never have the chance to behold again.

Oliver grasped her hands in his and tugged her toward him as he fell clumsily to the bed, pulling her on top of him, and only seconds later she lowered herself onto him.

They both sighed perfectly in sync, and their eyes locked. They stared at each other for several minutes in silence until she slowly began to move on him. Slow torturous movements that made every inch of his length tighten and pulsate in anticipation of his inevitable release.

He lifted his hand, laced his fingers through her hair, and pulled her lips down to his. The slight change in her position squeezed him differently and he involuntarily bucked his hips against his.

His sudden reaction seemed to fuel something in her and she began to move her hips faster. Lifting her ass and slamming it down against him all the while never pulling her lips from his.

Oliver's hips began to move in sync with hers, and just as he felt himself about to explode she pulled her lips from his and sat back up. Oliver followed keeping them intimately connected and they now sat chest to chest.

Chloe shifted her legs from his side and wrapped them around his back, and then they began to move again. He slid in and out of her breathing harshly against her neck. He felt his release begin to quickly build back up and he moved his hand in between their bodies. His fingertips grazed against her intimate flesh, and he began to rub tentative circles over her clit.

Reveling in the sounds it caused her to make. It only took a few seconds before he felt her inner walls begin to flutter around him and he heard her breath quicken. With a small pinch she screamed out his name and he felt her hot juices coat him just as he released himself inside her in several jerky thrusts.

Her head fell to his shoulder and he tenderly kissed her neck as he listened to her breathing slow.

Oliver had no idea how long they stayed in that position, but finally they untangled their bodies and fell against the mattress. He lay on his back and pulled her to him. Her leg stretched across his upper thighs and her arm wrapped around his waist as he held her close to him.

"I love you Chloe," he whispered against her hair. He then closed his eyes and started to drift asleep unsure if when he heard her say she loved him too it was real or if he was dreaming.

Only one more to go!


Read Chapter 15 HERE! 
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